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Metro Times – Art X Detroit Biennial Returns, Bigger Than Ever

  Metro Times LogoLee DeVito - Staff Writer, Metro Times - April 8, 2015

Neatly summarizing what exactly Art X Detroit is all about is no easy task. Part visual art exhibition, part music festival, part lecture series, and part various combinations of all of the above, the biennial event defies easy characterization, showcasing the work of local artists awarded arts fellowships from the Kresge Foundation over the past two years. The fellows run the gamut of just about any discipline you could imagine — case in point, this year's happenings around town involve vintage Detroit techno, an elixir-making exercise, and a multi-media salute to the first human in space, among many others.

Kresge Foundation program officer George Jacobsen likens the fellowship experience to a laboratory — a series of experiments with unexpected outcomes. "What's exciting, and what comes out at Art X, frankly, is the series of conversations and collaborations that emerge organically," he says. "We don't know what we're going to get until it emerges. You're going to see something you haven't seen before."